Prize Draws

At 42HQ, we aim to bring you some interesting bikes and cars to win. Each of our prizes is carefully selected, prepared and readied for you, including 12mth MOT, pre-delivery service and professional detail.

Some of our prizes will be drawn on short odds, other times, we will focus on affordable tickets.

All you need to do is to take part!

Each of our draws needs you to flex your brain, maybe even do a bit of homework and answer our entry question. Then, we will randomly allocate you an entry number(s) and make the draw not later than the confirmed date. If all tickets sell earlier, we will bring the draw date forward!!

Please check out our Terms and Conditions and our Data Policy. We want things to be fair, transparent and above all, to protect your data. We will not sell or release your data to any 3rd party, except as required by law.

What’s to lose? Take part now!

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