Phase 2 Opening


42HQ is getting ready for next instalment of Phase 2 of the lockdown release.

We'll be open from 8th July 2020, 10am - 7pm for outside dining and take away!

We've invested in some outside seating, which we are adding some canopies to just as soon as they arrive.

Keeping it Safe

To ensure we do everything that we can to limit the risks to you and us, we have implemented some processes that change the way we work:

  • hand sanitiser
  • one way system
  • our toilets are closed
  • we have a screen at our till point
  • orders can be placed at the till
  • disposable packaging
  • recycling bins
  • reduced staff

We all have an obligation to each other to continue to protect us all from exposure and to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Hand Sanitiser

70% alcohol sanitiser is available at the entry door, at the till point and at the exit door. It is also available on the table in small bottles.

Hand sanitiser is a good second to basic hand hygiene. Don't forget to wash your hands frequently, thoroughly, and especially when entering any new space.

One Way System

Please come in through our front door. The exit route is clearly marked by stickers on the floor.

We have segregated part of our car park to maintain a safe space from moving cars and walking pedestrians.

Toilets are Closed

Whilst we continue to work on a skeleton staff, our toilets will remain closed.

If you need emergency access, please ask a member of staff.


We have erected a screen for the close proximity needed to order and pay. This prevents direct airborne contact between us.

It is a bit strange, but, it is necessary.


Your order for eat out or take away can be placed at the till, or phoned in. For the time being, we cannot take over the phone card payments if you prefer to order by phone. We can take Paypal ( or bank transfer payments if this suits you better for take away.

Disposable Packaging

We would really rather not, as we take our environmental obligations seriously, but, a disposable package limits contact events and allows you to take your order away, as well as to quickly and easily dispose of packaging when you are finished.

It also means that we aren't moving fragile crockery and glass ware across our garden area, helping to keep it all safe.

Recycling Bins

We will have clearly marked recycling bins, including 'Cans and Plastic Bottles', 'Composting' and 'General'. Please separate your waste and help us to limit the impact on the environment.

Reduced Staff

No matter how clean any surface is, the biggest transmission route is person to person, airborne contact. To help protect our staff, we are continuing to work with minimal staffing. We continue to cook to order. This does mean that sometimes, at peak hours, service may be a little longer than you might be accustomed to. Please bear with us as we aim to keep our standards high, but keep everyone as safe as we can.

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